Depending on how you look at it, the new marijuana might be dangerous or much more recreational, sensory and fun.

Bear in mind that the constant experimentation of wise breeders is focused on producing varieties with higher levels of THC; cannabis’ main psychoactive substance.

 The natural product is characterised by its low levels of tetrahidrocannabinol, around 3-4%, but over the last few years, new plants with THC levels of 10% and, in some cases, up to 30%, have appeared.

The composition of marijuana seeems to have changed completely over recent years”, stated François Thierry, boss of France’s Central Drug Enforcement Office, in an interview with The Guardian.

In the French market, new varieties of marijuana are a growing competitive threat to Moroccan hash. In the coffee shops of Amsterdam, where you can still buy and consume cannabis legally, locally produced varieties predominate.

The key to not making mistakes is to use your head. It depends on you. Consume with pleasure, but research well. The alarmist discourse of the prohibitionists may have a positive effect: every day there is more and more different marijuana and you can get detailed information about their effects before you try them.

It is in your hands to enjoy a world of sensations, with control and prudence. Look at all the varieties currently available and choose those which best suit your smoking requirements. There are sedatives varieties, for calmness and wellbeing, and there are psychoactives, which get you high and get you going. The possibilities are infinite. Have a good trip!


Photos by Samsara Seeds