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CHRONIC LIGHTS - 1 ud - The Original Sensible

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Chronic Lights from Original Sensible is a crossing of two great marijuana strains which were carefully selected due to their high narcotic levels - The award winning Northern Lights which is arguably the most popular marijuana strain with smokers since the 1980´s and the pungent high yield producing Chronic.

Chronic is renowned for it´s high production but in particular it´s distinct pungent aroma, this weed strain is the stinkiest of the stinkiest, although our  Chronic strain is crossed with Northern Lights, we still recommend when growing indoors that a good ventilation/odor filter is installed.  Outdoor we recommend a private location to avoid attention from close neighbors!

Flowering time is just 8 weeks and one of our best producers both indoor and out - Expect high yields of huge frosty nuggets with a distinct pungent fragrance, it´s effects are narcotic yet very relaxing.

This cannabis variety is minimal hassel, mould resistant and extremely rewarding.

Short description

1 x Feminized Seed ( See below for available pack sizes )


Seed Breeder : Original Sensible
Genetic Origin : Chronic x Northern Lights
Pack sizes : Available in packs of 1, 3, 5 & 10 Feminized seeds
Available Seed Types : 100% Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Flowering / Harvest time : Short -  60 days indoor / Outdoor Harvest begining October
Yield : High Yield - 500-650 gr m/2 Up to 800 gr per plant outdoor
Height : Short - Medium
THC / CBD / CBN : 19% THC


More strain info : 2 narcotic cannabis strains combined to produce maximum effect and highest yield


Maturation(Interior)Not especified
Maturation(Exterior)Not Specified
FlavorNot specified
Way of croppingNot specified
OdorNot specified
EffectNot specified
SexNot specified
Medicinal ValueNot specified

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Herb Nerd (05/12/2016)
This plant veg's very quickly and will grow tall and fast so you need to watch her. She is a very hearty plant, tollerating many things, heavy eater, fine in and warm. She can be topped, or let free, either way try to stretch her colas out across a light and you will be rewarded with gorgeous, dense, trichome packed rose shaped nugs. I was lucky enough to get a cat piss pheno, which I believe is the Northern Lights (Super Silver Haze) qualities. The other one I have is more berry. She was a breaze to grow, a definate high producer, so if you want to try one lighting a plant she is a good pick. Although she did do better not being directly under the light. The fade on her is very nice as well, producing some nice purples and yellows that really stand out. She is a fast flowerer too, Im at day 55 and she has another day or 3. Good luck everyone, put in all the love you can and they will give it back.
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